Getting ready for the Super Bowl

Madden 07 Xbox 360Getting ready for Nick’s Super Bowl party this afternoon, we realised this morning that for some reason our local channels on Dish Network ain’t working at the moment. Got in touch with the provider, and they’re claiming ‘minor technical issues’ which doesn’t bode well. Really looking forward to it though, as it will be the first time watching the Super Bowl live rather than a recording or re-run.

Last night Nick came round and we ran through Chicago vs Indianpolis on Madden ’07 for the Xbox 360 as a bit of a warm up – last 50 seconds of the 4th quarter, Nick on 3rd and 8 on his own 22, 1 point ahead (playing as the Colts) after my failed 2 point conversion just before this drive, and the power goes out 🙁 If it wasn’t so expensive to get a baby UPS shipped up to here, would definately get one as I’ve lost count on the number of times the power has gone out in the last minute of a game or 20 yards from the finish line on Need for Speed: Carbon!

But, if the actual Super Bowl (assuming we can watch it!) is as close and exciting as the Xbox 360 version, should be a good game – I’ll be cheering for the Colts even though I played as the Bears last night!


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