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For anyone looking at getting married in the Lake Tahoe area, and given the number of wedding companies set up for the area it seems quite a lot, avoid using A Tahoe Wedding to Remember. We first got in touch with them back in January 2006 to start planning the wedding which was due to take place last June. They seemed very polite, took a $350 deposit and arranged for the marriage licence. After the delays with the visa last summer we got in touch around April time (well within the 30-day limit before the ceremony was due to take place) , explained the problems and they fully understood since they’d dealt with marriages based around visa issuance before – they simply asked us to let them know once we had things all sorted with the visa.

Having contacted them yesterday to arrange for the ceremony to take place this coming June, we were told by Christine Beatleston, whom the actual business licence for A Tahoe Wedding to Remember is registered to, that our details had been deleted as they assumed everything was off since we hadn’t been in touch since. Asking why they’d simply deleted our details and kept the money without so much as a courtesy phone call or e-mail, a very rude response came back asking us why we were surprised they’d deleted us considering we first booked a wedding in February 2006 and it was now January 2007? Is this common customer service and business practice in California? Do they treat all their clients like this and have a complete lack of common sense and ability to send an e-mail themselves asking for an update on the situation? I’m sure other couples may have received excellent service and their ceremony was perfect, but it seems unless everything is flawless and doesn’t require A Tahoe Wedding to Remember to perform any additional work, you’ll be treated terribly.

Thankfully we had a much better response from the minister of the Moravian church up here who bent over backwards to arrange things for us, so we’re not left in a situation where we were planning on having our actual marriage ceremony in Tahoe. Regardless of whether A Tahoe Wedding to Remember refund our money, which looks unlikely given the complete lack of manners already displayed, we’re not going ahead with having them perform a barbqeue let alone anything else.


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