Month: February 2007

Family night at school

Kat went through to school last night to help out Wanita with family night, an event they run once a month to try and encourage parents to come into school on an evening and spend a couple of hours doing

Playing on the river videos

No apologies for how long this page may end up taking to load with half a dozen videos! I’ve only got a 64k upload connection so I bet it took longer for me to upload them than for you to

Trying out Gamefly

I signed up for Gamefly yesterday to see what the service is like, as they have a couple of pretty cool introductory offers. Either go for a 10-days free trial, or first month half-price and includes 12-month subscription to either

Evening walk round the river to the airport

Was hovering around -20C, but we headed out for a walk with Marie + Rocky 🙂 Has just been so pretty the last few days it seems a shame to waste it, so on with all the winter gear and

Flowers in bloom

Kat’s mom, Cris, sent through a package 5/6 weeks ago which had all sorts of goodies in, including a couple of “flower bulb in a pot” kinda things. One of them had already started growing in the mail so didn’t