Photos of the wedding reception

Our photographersNow that I’ve managed to rummage through some other people’s cameras, have got together a decent colletion of photos. Considering Kat and I had given our cameras to a couple of groups of kids, they ended up taking some decent photos, though a lot of them were simply of their friends!

There’s still a few other camers I’ll be downloading photos from, and then I’ll put together a CD of high-resolution photos to send out to people. These two were some of our photographers, and certainly worked out cheaper than paying a professional photographer. Sure we’ll end up with some good photos from Lake Tahoe in the summer too.

The wedding cake

Katie did a really good job on the wedding cake, as did Wanita and the other helpers with decorations. Glad they convinced us to go for a traditional 3-tier cake, and the top part is now wrapped up in the freezer ready for our 1st wedding anniversary.

Cutting the cake

Having gone for a traditional pot luck too whereby the guests all bring a dish to share, there was a mountain of food for people to pick + choose from, creating quite a queue at times! That said, the entire table was cleared by the end of the night!

Food table

There were about half a dozen large tables around the gym, and at times you had to remember you were actually in a school gym rather than a hotel ballroom or similar! Our table got swamped by kids wanting to sit with us, but so long as they had food on their plates they were no bother!

Bride + groom table


The rest of the photos (around 30 or so) of the reception can be found in my photo gallery, along the other photos from the actual wedding ceremony. They’re probably better if anyone’s wanting to print them off too:

Is still feeling pretty weird being refered to as Mr + Mrs Foulds, or people jokingly asking where my wife is! We did get a load of congratulations cards through the mail today which was really nice, and there doesn’t seem to be any complicated in the forms we need to send off to the immigration department. The change of weather on Saturday that allowed Lincoln to fly back into the village has just kept on going, with temperatures up around 42F (6C), although 40-50mph winds are making things fun to walk around in!


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