Recovering from the wedding reception

Kat at receptionThink we’ve just about recovered from yesterday now! Even though the wedding ceremony went by really quickly, and the reception only lasted a couple of hours, still seemed like a very long day. But, the reception at the school was cool – lots of people turned up bringing all sorts of different food dishes and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It gave the kids from school a chance to get involved (and stuff their face with food!), and rather than Kat + I going round taking photos, we gave our cameras to a couple of groups of kids and let them play around. Although some of them were a right mess with people missing heads or the classic ‘finger over the lense’, we got about 35-40 good ones I was looking over this morning.

A lot of the teachers were taking photos too which should turn out a bit better, so I’ll start stealing them off their cameras and uploading them over the next few days. Was a shame quite a lot of people were sick and hadn’t made it though as there’s an illness going round the past week, so even the people up here will be wanting to see the photos 🙂

Me at receptionI’m glad Katie convinced us to go with the proper 3-tier wedding cake idea as it looked awesome – hopefully someone managed to get a decent photo of it! I hadn’t heard of the tradition of keeping the very top part of the cake and eating a piece to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary so it must be an American thing I guess. Wasn’t much of it left at the end of the night, and pretty much all the food had disappeared with so many people there! Also glad we had a traditional pot luck too so that we didn’t have to prepare all the food ourselves.

Still feels kinda weird being a married man now though! Think it’s more wearing the wedding ring though as I’m not used to wearing a ring on that hand. Kat keeps giggling sometimes about too, and is finding it weird being called ‘Mrs Foulds’ now!

Next step is getting another round of forms sent in to the immigration department to grant permanent residency. Hopefully won’t be as much of an issue as getting the visa (which took a year!), and am also hoping there won’t be a problem travelling around in the summer if the green card doesn’t arrive by the end of May.


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