Ladies and gentlemen, Mr + Mrs Foulds…

Some people worry about the weather in terms of will it be raining. We worried about the weather in terms of will the minister be able to fly back into the village after being snowed in in Bethel for two days! Thankfully Lincoln made it and we managed to fix up a couple of snowmobile rides to take us to the church:

Kat riding on the snowmobile

Was very weird riding through the village on the back of a snowmobile with Jason driving, and Nick driving Kat! Wearing our wedding gear with big winter jackets and snow boots on just added to it 🙂

The church was very pretty, a lot nicer than I was expecting to be honest:

Inside the Moravian Church

Having spoken with Lincoln before the ceremony, he performed a nice short service without too much religious stuff since we’re not Moravian or all that religious anyways. Felt pretty weird exchanging vows!

At the altar

The service only lasted around 10 minutes or so, and was really nice without any kids trying to cause problems and get into the church, and there were a good 20 or 30 people from the school which we wanted there, so worked out as being the nice little ceremony we wanted. Lincoln realised he didn’t know my surname, so simply pronounced us Mr + Mrs:

Just married

At the end, Elena played some nice music on the piano again as we walked down the aisle to the back of the church, though I don’t think either of us really knew what to do then! But, the guests that followed us down and shook hands as they were leaving:

Thanking guests after ceremony

With the weather fairly warm and not too much wind, we also managed to get a photo outside the church with Lincoln:

Outside with Lincoln

Lots of people there were talking photos and Marie had taken all of these for us which turned out really well. Will start going through them over the next few days and upload them into the photo gallery once we’re sorted, but hopefully these will keep you all ticking over.


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