Getting ready for tomorrow

No, I haven’t got the wedding jitters and done a runner. Would be hard given the fact that it’s been blizzarding quite badly the last 2/3 days and there’s only been a handful of planes making it into the village! We’ve been trying to get things sorted, although we still don’t really have much idea as to what’s going on tomorrow. Seems like everyone is taking care of things, or meant to be, so we could well find nothing is sorted at the church or for the reception!

A couple of the teachers have offered to play bodyguard at the church and all the kids have been told not to bother turning up there, just wait for the reception instead. Don’t really want 100 kids in the church running around, shouting to get your attention, etc. and this is the one thing both Kat + I have insisted on and everyone else has agreed with! The kids would only get bored anyways, so best for them to wait until there’s food, drink and places for them to run around.

Since it’s a pot luck where people bring a dish and quite a few of the teachers have asked what food we’d like, figured we should bring a few dishes ourselves! Baked a couple of loafs of bread earlier today, have some poor-man’s steak in the oven now (mince meat held together with a little flour and crackers almost like a burger, lightly browned, then baked covered in cream of mushroom soup) and have a mountain of rice to cook later on since pretty everyone will eat rice. Kat’s class baked all sorts of cookies + brownies this morning, and a couple of other classes with the younger kids in made pretzels or similar snacks so sounds like a good start.

The weather hasn’t turned out quite as planned with some strong winds and blowing snow but it’s actually pretty warm, hovering around 30F (-1C). Likely to be windy again tomorrow with blowing snow, but hopefully we’ll get a bit of a break and have some sunshine around 3p.m (midnight UK time) when the ceremony will take place. Will try to get a few photos online during/just after the reception so there’ll be stuff there for Sunday, and move through uploading photos other people have taken the start of next week 🙂


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