Since it’s pretty much an open house…

The whole world and it’s wife seems to be invited anyways, so if yer in the Lower Kuskowim area of Alaska and passing near Tuntutuliak, pop in:

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitationsI would say that I created these with my own fair hands, but all I was allowed to do was the cut the paper. To be honest, is probably my limit since I’m not well-known for my artistic or creative skills! They look really good and add a nice little personal touch to things – Kat’s certainly very proud of them!

Frank, the school principal, seem shocked when asked if it was okay to hold the reception in school (the only place big enough in the village basically even though it doesn’t sound all that impressive!). Guess he hadn’t been paying attention over the past year when Kat had been talking about me moving here, or even last Christmas when I was first introduced to him just after we got engaged 🙂

Doesn’t look like we’re gonna have little sausage rolls at the reception mind…


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