Ladies, get yer hats ready…

ChurchSo, we’re getting married next Saturday (the 27th)! When we spoke with the minister from the Meravian church he said he could perform the ceremony whenever we wanted, so why wait any longer?

One of the locals, Martina, headed into Bethel over the weekend and was going to pick up some flowers, decorations and some other bits + pieces, and another of the locals is going to put together a wedding cake. There’s also people wanting to help decorate the church and get things sorted for the reception, and usually when there’s some kind of party like this going on, everyone will bring a dish to be served so means we’re not having to prepare all the food ourselves 🙂

Hopefully we can keep the actual wedding ceremony at the church fairly small and have the reception open to the whole community as it will be the first white (i.e. non-local) wedding they’ve ever had in Tunt, so they’re wanting to make it into a really big deal. In a way, it’s pretty cool as there’s not going to be many people able to say they got married in an eskimo village in Alaska, but then with so many people wanting to get involved and help out, it’s difficult to actually keep control of what’s happening!


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