New fish for the little aquarium

We had a great sunrise this morning, it’s just a shame that there are a couple of big fuel tanks for school a hundred yards or so from the house! That and the power + telephone lines that criss-cross all over the place. But, was almost like the sky was on fire, and not bad to look at when eating your breakfast:

Sunrise from the house

Jana, the speech pathologist, had made it into Tunt this morning and had managed to pick up some fish from the pet store in Bethel. Considering it’s the same pet store that sold Kat two male gerbils last year that ended up having babies, and Molly became Max a few months ago, am a little concerned given the fact that the fish are guppies! Should be fun though – the tank isn’t really all that big to support many fish, and if any of the guppies do give birth the babies are likely to be eaten pretty quick or sucked into the filter. Had some guppies give birth in an aquarium I had in Gateshead and they weren’t that bad to look after.

Little aquarium

I also came into school for half an hour this afternoon to meet Kat’s class as they kept asking about me. They had some fun questions, I explained where I was from and how long it took to fly here, and how things aren’t all that different in England. Considering most of these kids will get no further than Bethel or Anchorage occassionally, they just couldn’t grasp somewhere as far away as England.

Suppose it’s not all that different from the kids I was working with at Greencroft and plenty of other places back in England in terms of growing up, living + dying in the same place without really venturing very far. Guess one of the ideas in moving over here and wanting to travel around elsewhere is that if I decide that the north east of England is where I want to spend the rest of my live then fine, but at least I’ll have been out and seen other places 🙂


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