No big boxes delivered today, but a marriage licence was just as good

Been feeling very productive today. Got up fairly early (for me!) and took a couple of boxes to the post office to get sent out, then took a load of trash to the furnace. Figured that having a rail of coat hooks behind a freezer in the entry way to the house wasn’t all that useful so took it off and put it on the other wall – Kat was pretty impressed I’d even been out of bed long enough to get that done by lunchtime! Makes it much easier than trailing wet boots + jackets into the house all the time. I also emptied one of the big containers of rain water into the water tank and set another couple up to collect the melting water after the blizzard finally eased up just before lunch and the temperature started rising.

We’ve also got the marriage licence through which is pretty cool as only took around 10 days and saved us the trip into Bethel. When I first read the actual licence my heart sank as they’d mispelt my middle name (typo turned it into ‘Kennteh’) but there was another licence right underneath with it spelt correctly 🙂 Everything on that seems set now, so will check with Lincoln from the Meravian church to make sure he’s okay to perform the ceremony and will look at doing that in the next couple of weeks I guess! Find it pretty funny you get this fancy certificate with gold lettering and stuff, but it actually gets returned to a central office after the ceremony and you have to pay an extra $20 to get a copy of it for yourself!

School car park

But, as I was coming back from taking the trash out, had to pick my way through the school ‘car park’! Is pretty funny with so many snowmobiles outside during the day – must have been 12 snowmobiles and a couple of 4-wheelers. The house is where Marie lives, literally 10 yards from school, which is why poor Rocky doesn’t get to play outside during the day! Since Marie + Kat got their own cable run through the mail, I’ll look at setting that up outside our house so he can come round and play during the day.

Overall, have felt a lot more useful + comfortable today and overcame a fear of talking with people in the village. Maybe not fear, but when I’ve been introduced to people, both sides have had a hard time understanding each other. A lot of it I guess is my accent which is just so different to anything they’ve come across before – accents from the lower 48 are usually fine as they’ll have heard them on TV. Chatted with Alice in the post office when sending packages off, and chatted with one of the maintenance engineers from school for a good 5-10 minutes after he got his snowmobile stuck in a snow drift outside the house. But, talking slowly (not in a patronising way) and trying to avoid using slang seems to work fine and was nice to chat with Mark for a bit this afternoon about random stuff!


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