Is like waiting for a bus…

After a few days without anything exciting in the post, although I did get my first piece of mail addressed just to me a few days ago (credit card statement!) which nearly got returned since the post master didn’t know who I was, we got 3 big boxes through today 🙂 Our Walmart order finally arrived which was good timing as there was a little acrylic fish tank in there and Kat has managed to sweet-talk a speech pathologist flying in from Anchorage who will be staying with us tomorrow night to pick some little fishies up from Bethel. There’s also a load of extra kitchen utensils and stuff, including a cool sandwich maker I found for $10!

My other LL Bean order also got delivered which included my snow boots, fleece-lined jeans (very warm + comfortable!) and snow mittens. Could have done with the boots on my way *to* the post office to pick the boxes up though, as it had been blizzarding for a good 5 hours by then (still hasn’t stopped either) and with the wind had created some snow drifts up to my knees. Not much fun trying to pull a plastic sled with 40lbs of boxes in it!


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