Lazy Sunday

Coming into school this morning, I saw a fox about a hundred yards away wandering around the boardwalks and scrub bushes looking for some food. Was cool to finally see one, as I’d missed the fox we had on the steps of the house a couple of weeks back (might even have been the same one)! We’ve had a couple of hours of snow coming down around lunchtime which was fun, though I could really do with my snow boots getting here as it doesn’t take much for my feet to get wet + cold in this kinda weather. Post office will be shut tomorrow (Martin Luther King Day in the US), but hopefully they’ll get delivered by Tuesday/Wednesday as they were shipped from LL Bean last Tuesday.

I’ve also been meeting most of the other teachers today since there’s been people buzzing in + out of school and moving around outside after getting back up here over the last couple of days. They all seem really nice, is just weird moving up here in the middle of the school year as most of the new people and meeting + greeting goes on after the summer break. Kat’s not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow, though has been hard at work trying to get motivated 🙂


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