Unreal Tournament LAN gaming in an eskimo village!

We had a good 2-3 inches of snow last night covering all the iced-over ground making walking around a lot easier today! The buildings are also back to looking more wintery and not quite so run down 🙂 The temperature is still hovering around 27F, so at least we’re not wearing all the winter clothes. Marie got back late yesterday afternoon too so Rocky went back home with her leaving a trail of devastation to clear at our house, but pretty quiet now he’s gone.

Unreal Tournament LAN gaming

Bit of a blast from the past, but last night I headed round to Travis’ house for some Unreal Tournament across the network. Was really good fun, and now we know there’s nothing on the network blocking it, I won’t be sat on the edge of the bed in his spare room using a notepad as a mouse mat next time! Playing monster hunt was a little different for me, and running across the wireless network made it fun on some of the maps with a crazy amount of monsters, so we might looking at hooking things up via a switch, but it still held up pretty well given the fact I remember getting the bus into Durham after school on a Friday afternoon to buy UT when it first came out back in 1999!

I’d managed to get Unreal Tournament working really well on the MacBook using instructions from SV Designs to get UT installed and then OS X on Beyond Unreal for working around CD problems during the game. Travis is hoping some of the other guys will want to play too, and since they all run older iBooks or MacBooks, shouldn’t be a problem.


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