Could almost get a suntan today…

The weather has eased up a little today and is actually pretty warm, up to around 35F, so walking around in all the big bulky winter clothes is an effort! Still pretty windy though, but at least the planes are back flying again so the teachers can start making their way back into the village. Our neighbours got in around 10a.m, and Marie had stayed an extra night in Anchorage rather than being on weather hold in Bethel. Mail should be back through today as well, so we’re hoping for quite a few parcels to be delivered and Kat’s pretty excited as her + Travis placed an order with a grocery store in Bethel for a load of fresh fruit & vegetables which should also arrive today.

I’m also getting to see a different side of the village the last day or two as well with a lot of the snow on the buildings getting blown or thawed off. There’s still an awful lot of snow on the ground, and a lot of the boardwalks have a layer of ice over the snow too which makes walking fun, but most of the buildings aren’t covered after the wet snow and drizzle. Can see just how run down some of the buildings are and although it’s probably been physically a lot harder in terms of the weather to move up here in winter than the end of the summer as most of the teachers do, I imagine this is a pretty bleak place in August-October. I first came up here Christmas 2005, but it will still all be frozen by the time we leave in May, so unless we stay another year (which is looking likely) I’ll not see Tunt without all the snow!

Duplex housing units

But, after getting back from the school yeterday afternoon, our bath was empty 😀 When you’ve had the drainage pipes frozen for a week, an empty bath is a big deal! The heaters were obviously able to melt the ice away with the temperature up to around 30F yesterday, so now I’ll just keep an eye on the weather forecasts and plug the heaters back in once it drops to around 10-15F to try and avoid them freezing again. Nice to be able to shower an use the toilet at your own house for a change last night! I managed to get this photo of the housing units before some of the snow melted over the buildings showing the houses a little bit better – our’s is the house on the far right of the photo.


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