Bit warmer, just can’t see more than a few dozen yards!

Not quite the clear blue skies today. Strong winds and blizzard conditions makes it fun walking to + from the school as the fresh snow is drifting outside the house leaving you wading through deep snow with the wind blowing more of it into your eyes 🙂 Was hoping to play around on the snowmobile and 4-wheeler today but since you can’t really keep your head up and look where you’re walking, might not be a good idea.

Blizzard conditions

Marie is meant to be flying into Bethel and then down to Tunt tomorrow afternoon, but considering there are blizzard warnings in effect until 4p.m tomorrow that might not go quite to plan – guess Kat and I could give her tips on things to do in Bethel since we were stuck there for 9 hours a couple of weeks ago!

Least the temperature is up to 22F or so and is set to rise to around 30F over the next few days and hold steady for a while. Don’t know how much longer the pipes can stay frozen – has been a week now!


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