Postman Pat (without the black and white cat!)

Rocky outsideWith the weather warming up a little bit (around -18F, -27C), we went for a little walk around the village this morning. It had been too cold the last few days for anything more than walking to the school or the store. Since Rocky had been fairly good yesterday, we took him with us on his leash but he’s still pretty strong and wanting to pull away from us! Seemed to get the hang of it after a while though and walked alongside us.

Lots of other puppies came running up to Rocky looking puzzled as to why he wasn’t running off and playing with them and sniffing his leash though 🙂 It’s a pretty weird concept for most of the other dogs up here I guess. But, he’s been outside on his cable run the last few hours and is back in the house now – sitting at my feet hoping for some of the homemade bread.

Playing postmanSince we’re also expecting our Walmart order coming in sometime soon and might have a surcharge on shipping, we also wandered across to the post office to check the mail. We picked up the mail + boxes for other people from school too and then played postman dragging the sledge back to the school! Probably still more efficient than the Royal Mail back in England though 😉 One of the people from school usually goes on a snowmobile each day to pick the mail up so it’s not like you have to go each day to collect it which is kinda nice.

And a little excitement (shows what classes as excitement up here!) – when we got back from the store and mail run the guys showed up to pump out the waste tank. Only took them 5 days, but at least the tank itself wasn’t frozen through – the heater has been in the past week though so shouldn’t have been. Hopefully the temperature will keep warming up and give the external pipe a chance to thaw out and we can get back to being able to use the sink + shower again! It’s been snowing lightly the last couple of hours or so and is meant to carry on through the night and tomorrow but the planes are still buzzing overhead at 200ft!


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