Nice + warm in my new winter clothes

My winter jacket came through yesterday and it’s awesome. It’s good for -40F and was keeping me really warm earlier on today with the temperature around about -30F, though feels a lot colder with the wind chill. Has a nice detachable outer Gortex layer and pockets everywhere – had part is remebering where everything is in them! The snow boots should be here in a few days, and by chance I picked up a pair of snow pants from one of the local stores for $25. They’re pretty big, but means they fit over your normal trousers which is quicker + easier than changing each time, plus the pair I was after online that were out of stock would have been $75. Even better considering the snow boots were also $40 off 🙂

Morning sun

Still got blocked drainage pipes, so think it’s a blockage rather than them being frozen as the heater has been on for over 48 hours and isn’t shifting. Dropped some drain cleaning stuff in earlier and hoping they clear things up in the next few hours as going to school to get washed or use the bathroom each time is getting boring now!


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