And the temperature keeps on dropping…

It’s -31F today, which is about -35C. That is seriously cold considering the average temperature for Janaury in England is around +8C. Thankfully there is no wind at all – I was chatting with Frank, the principal of the school, who was telling me that if the winds blew in there’d be problems as all the heating units are already working 24/7 to keep the pipes from freezing.

But, we headed to the post office this afternoon to send of the forms for the marriage licence application which should only take a week or so. With this being a pretty remote area, it can all be done via a post, as normally in Alaska you have to present yourself at the local court for identification. On the way back we walked past the Meridian church, with Russian Orthodox being the other dominant religion up here:

Meridian church

Even when it’s so cold, it’s still beautiful here. Taking photos isn’t easy, nor is unlocking a door, as contact with metal burns the skin 🙂 One of the workers at school couldn’t get his snowmobile started earlier, so you know it’s pretty extreme. I can remember Kat telling me there was a few days last year when the planes couldn’t fly as the fuel had frozen.

Housing units

We’ve also got our drainage pipe into the waste tank frozen at the moment. The heater in the tank itself is working fine, but Kat forgot there’s a separate heater for the actual external pipe. Hopefully that will thaw out in the next few hours now we’ve plugged in it as using the school bathrooms to shave this morning and taking a shower in a bathroom between two classrooms was a bit weird. At least there’s no-one else around school at the moment!

But, I adjusted the time settings on the server so these posts will now show Alaska time, and guess I should stop tagging posts as ‘travelling’ since I’m actually living here!


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