Assorted Tunt landscapes

A good day in Tunt. Didn’t realise how tired I was yesterday – lay down around 5p.m last night as my allergies with being back around Rocky wasn’t much fun, and then woke up about 10p.m. Made a sandwich, got a drink, went back to bed and woke up at 10 this morning. Ah well, must have needed it! Not as cold today either, so we headed into school to do laundry:

Mid day sun

Managed to get Skype video working with mam + dad which was good. Was the first time in a couple of weeks we’d been online at the same time, and was fun to see them on webcam (especially Jessy!). My sister, Nikki, is looking at getting a webcam set-up too. By the time we came out, the sun was already starting to set, though it sets early anyways:

Sunset in Tunt

Further round back towards home and a nice scene showing the colours of the sunset behind some of the houses around the frozen lake we’re on the edge of:

Village sunset

And finally, just to show how weird the landscapes are – a beautiful sunset in one direction, and you’ve already got a pretty cool moonrise in the other direction. Even now, looking out one window the colours of the sunset are still visible, yet looking out the other side of the house it’s dark and the moon quite high!

Tunt moonrise

Been feeling a lot more settled today now that we’ve got some more recogniseable foods in the house, it’s not unbearably cold outside given the clothes I have, and the Internet is working pretty well 🙂


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