Easy trip back to Tunt

Back in Tunt safe and sound. Was a nice easy trip back actually, leaving Anchorage on time and into Bethel around 7.20a.m without too much damage to any of the boxes we brought back. The nice guys at Yute Air let us into the building straight away even though they didn’t open until 8.am as it was just too cold to wait outside (around -15F). Seemed like we were the only ones after a flight though, as no-one else arrived for departures, and a little after 9a.m they took Kat + I out to the plane. They had other planes going out, but I guess just carrying cargo and then picking people up from other villages.

Is a weird + magical place up here though – landing in Tunt about 9.30a.m by moonlight as the runway lighting is broken again. There’s something just wrong about that entire sentence. Landing by moonlight in the middle of the morning, let alone landing onto snow + ice?! Good fun though, and we got a ride back to the house with all our gear 🙂

So, been unpacking everything and is nice to have foods I recognise in the house now! Will be a few days before the stuff we ordered from Anchorage will get here, but can start to settle down and get used to living up here now.


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