Back to Tunt tomorrow

Anchorage sled dog monumentAnchorage sign postWe had a nice lie in today and then decided to wander along 4th avenue to see if anything was going on. Quite amusingly, about the only things open in downtown were the bars (not that I would have complained mind!).

There were a load of little gift shops all shut, and one of the shop owners we spoke with yesterday said most of the tourists stop away in the winter which kinda figures. Has been warmer here than Tunt though so we’ve been pretty happy! We did come across a mounment to the sled dog races up here which also indicates the start of the Iditarod and the Fur Rendezvous World Cup which I really liked, and then there was the signposts indicating the cross-roads of the world which gave rather bizarre distances – obviously showing directions as the crow flies. It showed London being only about 4,600 miles from Anchorage when even flying from Amsterdam to Seattle was a shade under 5,000 miles 🙂

But, 5th Avenue Mall was open so we grabbed something to eat and had a look around, then found a cool bookstore that had 40% off everything. I picked up a Yup’ik language book with audio casettes (easy to transfer from tape deck to the MacBook and convert to mp3 to listen on the iPod or whatever), as it would be cool to learn the language whilst I’m up here. Kat reckons the locals in Tunt would be really keen to help out as it shows an interest in their culture and not just be a part of the school environment. Would give me something fun to do as well, and I like being able to know a little bit of the local language when I go somewhere, even if it’s just to say hello, please + thankyou and ask how people are doing.

We seem to have everything sorted that we needed to pick up and take back with us, and the shuttle to the airport is every hour from the hotel so that’s helpful, although it means we’ll be leaving at 4a.m. Suppose it gives plenty of time to get all the bags checked in, through security and then find some breakfast.

Thankfully, Alaska Air also let you carry three 50lb items of checked luggage back to Bethel as we don’t have to worry too much about getting everything packed up and within weight limits. Will be fun getting it all from the Alaska Air terminal across to Yute Air though!


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