Month: January 2007

A walk around the village

With the weather staying around 40F (6C) or so, I decided it was a pretty good time to get out and go for a decent walk around the village. Weird I’ve been up here almost 6 weeks but haven’t really

Photos of the wedding reception

Now that I’ve managed to rummage through some other people’s cameras, have got together a decent colletion of photos. Considering Kat and I had given our cameras to a couple of groups of kids, they ended up taking some decent

Recovering from the wedding reception

Think we’ve just about recovered from yesterday now! Even though the wedding ceremony went by really quickly, and the reception only lasted a couple of hours, still seemed like a very long day. But, the reception at the school was

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr + Mrs Foulds…

Some people worry about the weather in terms of will it be raining. We worried about the weather in terms of will the minister be able to fly back into the village after being snowed in in Bethel for two

Getting ready for tomorrow

No, I haven’t got the wedding jitters and done a runner. Would be hard given the fact that it’s been blizzarding quite badly the last 2/3 days and there’s only been a handful of planes making it into the village!