Year: 2007

Fantasy football winner

On the final day of the regular season, I ended up winning the fantasy football league! I was a bit concerned when we lost power as I couldn’t make changes to my team even I’d wanted to and figured some

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Electricity restored

About 3a.m a lamp in the living room flicked on and the fridge + freezers powered themselves up. Apart from being woken up at 3a.m on a Sunday morning, it was nice! We’d headed over to Marie’s for a couple

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A working snowmobile, snow angels on the river, and power cuts…

After getting my snowmobile home a couple of days ago and checking everything over, it’s now running fine again. Still not sure why it was originally losing power, but I’ve put IsoHeet into the gas tank to stop any water

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Santa didn’t bring a new snowmobile

Kat and I decided to take the dogs out for a Christmas walk (that and I wanted to to try getting my snowmobile back to the village), so we headed out to the new airport: When we got to the

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An obituary, perhaps…?

I went out on the snowmobile this afternoon and came back to an e-mail from Mike with a little Christmas poem: “The night before Xmas nothin was moving… Not even the speedo on Fouldsy’s snow bike…” How apt it is

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