Month: December 2006

Everything seems to be coming together nicely now

Couple of fun things in the post today. Apple sent out their certificate for the Apple Certified Technical Co-Ordinator qualification having completed the OS X Server exam a month or so ago – it’s every bit as impressive as the

Visa (pretty much!) all sorted

Pending results of my fingerprint checks, all the visa processing is complete and just waiting for the courier to deliver it 😀 What a chew on today though! Was away from home over 15 hours and spent about 10 minutes

Ready for London

Well, tomorrow’s the day. So long as I get there without any problems and on-time, have got everything the embassy needs and then some! Can’t exactly grumble about not having enough evidence of support 🙂 Pretty sure they let you

Exciting at the moment, eh?

Reckon the last 2 or 3 weeks has been quite accurately reflected here on the blog – bugger all going on! Got a load of money changed into dollars at the beginning of the week which was fun – never

Wheeling + dealing in the financial market?

Still another week and a half until I head down to London for the interview at the US embassy, but with the way the exchange rate is, am very tempted to have a couple of thousand pounds changed to US