New Year’s in Anchorage

We’ve spent the last few days doing little else except shop! Hasn’t been all that bad, as we’ve been picking up some bits + pieces for the house, food from Walmart to get sent back via the bush delivery service, and then this morning we went to the local grocery store to get some chilled meats and stuff to keep us (or rather me!) going for a couple of weeks until we can get a Span Alaska order delivered. Span Alaska is basically bulk food delivery which seems to work pretty well and have a good variety of food.

Anchorage fireworks

So, new year’s eve in Anchorage – they had 2/3 blocks cornered off downtown around a cool little park area with an ice rink in the center, fire jugglers, dancers, live music, hot food + drinks, etc. and then a fireworks display. A bit early as they set them off at 8p.m but with the time difference, the main celebrations in New York were kicking off at the same time 🙂 Not much going on around midnight itself, so think we’ll have a quiet celebration ourselves. Very cold outside today especially tonight at the park, so don’t fancy just wandering around – you know it’s cold when the locals complain too!

Last day in Anchorage tomorrow then, and not much planned except rest a little. Flying back to Bethel at 6a.m on Tuesday morning and hoping there’s no delays on the flights into Tunt as we’ll have quite a lot of food products in cargo boxes so don’t really want them sitting for too long! Should be fine, and hopefully there’ll be Internet when we get back to Tunt!


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