Normal service resumed

A couple of trips to the chiropractor this week seem to have sorted out the back problems. They also managed to stop my jaw clicking which is fun considering it’s been going on for years (though never really bothered me) and turned out to be the top vetebrae being slightly out of line, which wasn’t picked up before over 12 months of treatment 🙂 Now seem stuck with a cold which is fun, though usually a runny nose stops within 12 hours so shouldn’t cause too many problems.

I’ve also been working out what I can get packed into my bags for heading to the US which has been a struggle, and can only just about keep things within the weight limits assuming it’s 46kg across two bags. One bag is about 21kg and the other 24kg (technically 23kg limit per bag), and they’re both literally ready to burst. Excess baggage charges won’t be that bad if they do play Scrooge though. I don’t understand how some people can take this amount of luggage with them simply on a two week holiday!

But, will be heading away for a couple of days tomorrow, so won’t have e-mail until I get back…


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