Everything seems to be coming together nicely now

Couple of fun things in the post today. Apple sent out their certificate for the Apple Certified Technical Co-Ordinator qualification having completed the OS X Server exam a month or so ago – it’s every bit as impressive as the first one for the ACHDS level, they’ve simply changed the title! Still, it’s better than nothing.

And, Insure&Go finally got around to paying out the claim on cancelling the Japan trip in September. Twiddled their thumbs for 3 months on this one. Sneaky little bastards too – cheque + covering letter were dated 6th December, but only postmarked yesterday, so had sat in outgoing mail for a week. On top, they didn’t pay out on the tax on the flights as they’re recoverable from the travel agency, although there is nothing of this in their documentation, meaning another claim and delay on that coming in, plus they don’t cover the £5 postage for the rail tickets. That one is just ridiculous, as I’m assuming they would also refuse to honour a booking fee or airport tax on flights, for example. Needless to say, I won’t use them again and would recommend anyone looking for travel insurance avoid them!

No SMS from the courier saying they’ve collected the visa though 😉


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