Visa (pretty much!) all sorted

Pending results of my fingerprint checks, all the visa processing is complete and just waiting for the courier to deliver it 😀

What a chew on today though! Was away from home over 15 hours and spent about 10 minutes actually with the embassy officals working through the forms and the interview. Security checks at Newcastle were awful with only 2 stands actually in use – took over half an hour to get through, so then went straight to the gate and boarded immeadiately. Plane was then delayed 25 minutes, but made up time so only got into Standstead 15 minutes late. Turns out the Express to London was then 5 minutes earlier than their online timetable so I jumped onto that just before it pulled away, then spent 45 minutes fighting through the London traffic in a taxi, getting me to the embassy 5 minutes before my appointment! Knew the visa processing would go fine after getting through all that! Continued afterwards – got onto the Piccadily line on the Underground just before the tube pulled away, transfered to the Central line at Holburn just as it was ready to leave, then into Liverpool street, bought a drink, then straight onto a departing Express back to Standstead. Glad to be home!

At the embassy, stood outside for an hour and a quarter before getting inside, waited 45 minutes before actually getting called up, then spent less than 5 minutes with the first officer who simply got me to sign a form and then took my police + birth certificate before sitting down again. Had just finished completing the courier return form and was called up again, this time asking solely for the affidavit of support from Kat and one question about how the two of us met. The remaining part of this 5 minute process was the guy asking about how stuff worked in Alaska, the language barriers, weather, etc.! Was expecting something a lot more thorough and intense, so pleasantly surprised + relieved!

So, all done + dusted baring problems on the fingerprints, which would be worrying considering I ain’t done nuffin! Just waiting for the courier to now deliver the complete visa, which although could take up to 5 working days, is usually all sorted within a couple. Won’t believe it untii I actually have the visa in my hand 🙂


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