Exciting at the moment, eh?

Reckon the last 2 or 3 weeks has been quite accurately reflected here on the blog – bugger all going on!

Got a load of money changed into dollars at the beginning of the week which was fun – never had so much cash in my life! Helpfully (?!), I got about 22 x $1 bills, then swung up to 20 x $100 bills, with a load of others notes in-between. What I’m meant to do with all those small notes (apart from being told I could use it to buy candy for someone…) I don’t know! Rate had a dropped to around 1.90, but not too bad I guess.

Since dad came upstairs this morning and asked if I wanted to keep something from the garage (can’t remember what), figured I’d see what he was actually up to. We threw out about 6 boxes + 2 bags full of stuff that had been sat in there. Not like I’ve used them in the last couple of years or so, and ain’t taking it all to the US! Weird though, as it’s left me with pretty much just what I have around me now.

Just waiting for Wednesday now. I’m often described as laid back, including by Ewan on the latest TPN Rock show, which I’d go along with, but man, am getting a bit worked up about the embassy stuff. Not so much nervous or anxious, just worried that we haven’t crossed the ‘t’ or dotted the ‘i’ on one of the forms and the visa gets rejected because of something stupid. Either that or EasyJet cancel their 6.40a.m flight to London like they had done one day this past week. I’ve got everything needed all together, and found out from the Dive into America forums that’s it not so much a sit-down interview, but go up to a booth, have the forms checked and stuff, then another booth for some basic questions and that’s it. Not wanting to get my hopes up or get excited until I actually have the visa in my hand, just want to get it over with now – rough maths shows it’s been close to 330 days since we first started filling the forms in and it’s gone beyond a joke now.

So, a Futurama marathon should fill the next 3 days in, and see what happens on Wednesday!


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