Wheeling + dealing in the financial market?

Still another week and a half until I head down to London for the interview at the US embassy, but with the way the exchange rate is, am very tempted to have a couple of thousand pounds changed to US dollars in the next few days. It’s been slowly creeping up, and is about 1.98 dollars to the pound now – that’s unreal considering what it was back in the summer, but of course very handy indeed for me 🙂 Is giving me an extra $1000 or so over what I would have got in the summer!

Would be even nicer if Insure&Go would actually refund the money from my cancelled Japan trip – that’s been 3 months now, and would definately recommend people avoid them for their travel insurance, as if something does go wrong (like in this case), they take a ridiculous amount of time to respond to your claim. Less the excess, they’re sitting on £800 of mine which I’m not too keen on 🙁


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