Month: December 2006

New Year’s in Anchorage

We’ve spent the last few days doing little else except shop! Hasn’t been all that bad, as we’ve been picking up some bits + pieces for the house, food from Walmart to get sent back via the bush delivery service,

First week living in Alaska

Now that I’ve finally got Internet 🙂 For the uniniated, I buggered off to Alaska last Thursday morning, surprising Kat who wasn’t expecting me until the 27th. Didn’t have any problems with the weather out of Newcastle like the London

Normal service resumed

A couple of trips to the chiropractor this week seem to have sorted out the back problems. They also managed to stop my jaw clicking which is fun considering it’s been going on for years (though never really bothered me)

Doctor, doctor – it feels like an elephant has walked over my back (again)…

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of humour 🙂 With everything seemingly going swimmingly and finally coming together, woke up yesterday morning with back pain as if I’d regressed 18 months. If I’d actually done something to cause

Got the visa!

Relieved does not quite explain how I’m feeling right now, even given the fact that the courier got me out of bed at 7.15a.m! Now I believe it, can relax a little, and get ready to move in a few