Confident, hopeful or just silly? Flights to US booked for December 27th

With the final interview at the US embassy on December 13th, the visa *should* be through 4/5 working days afterwards, though nothing has gone quite to plan yet! So, rather than finding it does come through properly and not being able to fly out until the first or second week in January, have booked flights up to Anchorage on December 27th 🙂 Nice having yer sister as assistant manager at a travel agents!

Hopefully nothing else will get delayed, and mentioning I have flights booked at the interview might ensure the visa gets processed before the embassy finish for their holidays. If not, is only £50 I’d loose on the flights by cancelling, then just re-book and end up flying out the beginning of January anyways. At least I’ve got the flights guaranteed so can just head out straight after Christmas if things work out. Kat was looking at spending a few days in Anchorage anyways (though we’ll not be doing anything as extravagant as a Mt. McKinley flightseeing tour this time!), so will work out nicely. Can help carry all my bags 😉


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