Lots of people after Noel Gallagher stuff, eh?

Noel GallagherSince this is pretty much just my personal blog, it doesn’t get all that much attention apart from some of the computing stuff I’ve written. So, was pretty surprised to see around 300-400 hits per day recently. Driving up to Gateshead to get some more tattoo work done (pictures in a few days when it starts to heal…), I was listening to Radio 1 and now it makes sense why I’ve suddenly been getting so many hits.

I don’t have anything on Noel Gallagher back in the Live Lounge in 2003, though I did get bruised ribs from being right at the front of an Oasis gig in front of Noel in 2003 if that counts! Sorry folks, can’t help you with the competition on Radio 1, but rest assured I’ll be entering anyways to get him to play in my living room :p

But, rather than leaving you to go home empty handed, check out this post I wrote about some live acoustic sets did for ‘The Interface’ podcast a couple of weeks back. And, of course, for more awesome rock music, check out TPN Rock – one of the biggest + best music podcasts out there (which I just happen to co-host!).


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