Buggrit, buggrit, millennium hand and shrimp, I told ’em…

Got final interview date at the US embassy – Wednesday 13th December. Would have been *much* nicer to get an interview just a week before, as the visa (if approved!) will be delivered via courier 4/5 working days after the interview. That puts it at around 20th December to (hopefully!) have the visa in my hand. Any gamblers out there? Not much chance of a flight before Christmas at a day or two’s notice, and even going out between Christmas + New Year would be tight both in terms of availability and price. Not impressed, but at least it’s the last step, and surely nothing else can go wrong 🙂

Trains down to London for the interview were ridiculous – £141 return to get me there for 10a.m which was just stupid. I’m all for tackling global warming, but return flights to London on EasyJet (BYO sick-bag…) were £31 inc. all taxes and having stuck on speedy-border rights to get me onto the plane first without hanging around. Return tickets on the Standstead Express into London were £22.50 return, so even sticking on a couple of taxi rides to + from Liverpool Station to the embassy with a decent tip for the guv’nor brings it to what, £70-£75? Half the price of the train, and the government wonders why people are reluctant to use them!


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