Couple of bits of good news

First up, got the police check back a couple of days ago which was all clean so have sent notification to the US embassy in London to request a final interview date. Got all the forms I need now, have heard nothing back about the medical which means I’ve got no problems there, so that gives 6 weeks for the embassy to arrange an interview and fly out. Fingers crossed – am hoping to hear back some time next week on an interview date, and so long as it’s before middle of December, shouldn’t be a problem with flight availability or costs to fly out before Christmas 🙂

Secondly, expect to see ‘Now Playing in iTunes’ on the right-hande side to show Damien Rice’s latest album, 9, a lot. I’m loving it – is a bit more powerful at times than ‘O’, and was a bit surprised to see the parental advisory sticker on the front of the album cover! Need a few more listens over the coming days, but not sure how many tracks I’ll pick up to play on the guitar myself, as there’s often strings and backing vocals, which work really well. Live sets are planned on Later with Jools Holland this Friday, and with Jo Wiley in the Live Lounge in a couple of weeks, so will see if any acoustic versions of the new tracks are played. Shame there’s no booklet containing some more artwork and lyrics, but the fold out sleeve is nice – I like the way it’s made from recycled paper + card rather than a plastic case which usually break anyways!


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