OS X Server Essentials exam on Tuesday

OS X ServerAdmitedly, I’ve been a little slack in keeping up the studying for the OS X Server exam after passing the OS X Support Essentials exam 5/6 weeks ago, but I got round to going over all my course notes today and booked in for the exam on Tuesday afternoon.

Feeling pretty confident again as there’s not been anything too tricky on the review questions in the course materials or from Apple’s website. It is more challenging than the Support Essentials exam as there’s more new content to take in, but nothing new in terms of functionality I wasn’t already managing on the Windows networks I’ve ran.

But, as a nice little bonus for being part of the Apple Certification Alliance since passing the first exam, you get provided with a voucher code for 25% off further Apple exams, which brought the price down to a more reasonable £60. From what I gather, upon passing the Server Essentials exam, another voucher code is sent for the next exam, meaning all future Apple exams are discounted. Nice touch – certainly makes you want to keep going, and comes off nicely for Apple as they have an increase in the number of certified professionals managing their systems, thus keeping the end-customer happy.

Will see how the exam goes on Tuesday!


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