New album from Damien Rice

Damien Rice - 9Following the excitement of live tracks from Noel Gallagher, the Q-Review podcast popped up in iTunes today kicking off with Damien Rice’s latest album, 9. I loved ‘O’ and ‘B-sides’ and play a lot of the tracks on the guitar, so had really been looking forward to the new album.

It’s out in Ireland today and the UK on Monday, so guess what I’ll be scraping the piggy-bank for?! Damien is also performing on Later with Jools Holland (yey, back on TV tonight!) on 10th November and with Jo Wiley in the live lounge on 24th November, so again, keeps me happy as his live tracks are usually excellent too! I’ve also got a copy of the Live Lounge CD on order too, which is very weird for me since I rarely purchase big-name CD’s with doing so much with unsigned bands, but when I really like a band or artist it’s time to grab the wallet!

And thanks for those that have been in touch supporting my move over to The Podcast Network. I’ve really enjoyed producing TPN Rock this week – reckon it’s pushed me on a bit and feel a lot more comfortable + natural on the mic. Never had problems before with the Unsigned Rock Podcast, but now what I’m doing is getting heard by a pretty big audience, it’s certainly spurred me on 🙂


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