Month: November 2006

Christmas shopping, without the crowds

Well, started doing some Christmas shopping today, i.e. buying stuff on-line 😀 Been about 4 years since I actually went into shops, too much hassle! Never had any problems with deliveries as I don’t leave it until a week before

Confident, hopeful or just silly? Flights to US booked for December 27th

With the final interview at the US embassy on December 13th, the visa *should* be through 4/5 working days afterwards, though nothing has gone quite to plan yet! So, rather than finding it does come through properly and not being

Lots of people after Noel Gallagher stuff, eh?

Since this is pretty much just my personal blog, it doesn’t get all that much attention apart from some of the computing stuff I’ve written. So, was pretty surprised to see around 300-400 hits per day recently. Driving up to

Buggrit, buggrit, millennium hand and shrimp, I told ’em…

Got final interview date at the US embassy – Wednesday 13th December. Would have been *much* nicer to get an interview just a week before, as the visa (if approved!) will be delivered via courier 4/5 working days after the

Couple of bits of good news

First up, got the police check back a couple of days ago which was all clean so have sent notification to the US embassy in London to request a final interview date. Got all the forms I need now, have