Month: October 2006

Back from London after medical exam

Well, just got back home from London half an hour ago and am pretty tired now. The train rides were okay – had a table seat both ways, and my Archos AV500 movie player held up to watch Lord of

New toy – Wacom Graphire 3 tablet

Picked up a Wacom Graphire 3 tablet yesterday which is a pretty cool piece of kit. Had quite a few of these running when working at Greencroft in the art department, and was impressed by them. With a new hush

Off to London on Thursday for a medical

Having sent off a load of forms back to the embassy earlier and started things moving on the police check, I got the medical examine booked for this Thursday afternoon. Bit of a bugger on the train times coming back

Plowing through further visa forms

Well, has taken about 2 hours but I’ve now filled in all the forms I received from the embassy this morning for the visa application, which gives them exactly the same information as they already have. Actually, there’s two supplementary

Good job I ain’t superstitious…

Bugger, just realised after that last post was published it’s Friday 13th! Tempting fate to move domain, web + e-mail server today? Hope not 🙂