Noel Gallagher live on ‘The Interface’ podcast

Noel GallagherOasis still knock out some awesome tracks, and have long been one of my favourite bands. Noel Gallagher, especially, has been a major influence in my own guitar stuff. Live stuff from Noel is always top quality, and even though it’s hosted by AOL they’ve just brought out The Interface podcast with him doing three acoustic tracks and an interview – ‘It’s Good (To Be Free)’, ‘Whatever’ and ‘Slide Away’ in what they call a “Live and Un-Liamed” performance! Grab the enhanced version if you’re running iTunes to check out some of the photos as well. His interview is cool too and worth listening to.

Alongside Radiohead live in 2003, best gig I’ve been to was Oasis back in 2002 – plastered against the barriers right at the front of the arena in front of Noel and his stack of amps, regularly getting soaked by the hoses the arena staff + security kept rolling out since it was middle of the summer and just a tad warm! One of the loudest gigs I’ve been to, as it happens…


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