I’m now co-hosting TPN Rock!

Am I a happy boy today or what?! Those that can dredge the memories will remember I met up with Ewan Spence in Edinburgh at the end of June at The Des Moines Riot’s gig, and finally we can reveal what’s been going on behind the scenes!

TPN Rock

The Unsigned Rock Podcast has been going strong with 43 shows now, and TPN Rock, produced by Ewan, has long been a favourite podcast I listen to. Not only that, it’s one of the best rock podcasts out there! Realising that two heads are better than one, and twice the music can’t really go wrong, I’ve moved across to host TPN Rock alongside Ewan! My part stays pretty much the same – two shows a week of the best in new, independent and unsigned rock music, and Ewan continues producing a further two shows on a Tuesday + Friday. That’s 4 (count em!) shows a week of the best rock music on the Internet!

The Podcast Network deliver over 60 top-quality podcasts, quite a few of which I regularly listen to, and to be working on one of the major podcast networks out there is pretty cool! It also gives the bands + artists I get played on the podcast a lot more exposure than producing the show on my own, and that’s only going to benefit them more!

So, go check out TPN Rock: Rock the Week In and let me know what you think!


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