Virtual Machine Manager for Xen

XenAlthough I’ve ran CentOS on servers in the past (Open-Xchange, for example), I’ve never used Fedora much myself. Still pay attention to what they’re up to with Fedora though, as although Red Hat may be a tad slow + immobile at times due to their size, they do sometimes bring out cool tools. Their latest release of Fedora Core 6 drew me to Virtual Machine Manager, a GUI for Xen virtual machine management. I still have my Xen server sat by my feet (am kicking it now, for no particular reason!) and keep meaning to mess around with it again, and although I wouldn’t use virt-manager much with only a handful of VM’s, it looks very cool if you were running multiple VM’s, such as for web hosting. Although remote management, i.e. connecting to remote hypervisor isn’t quite up + running yet, it looks very promising.


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