Easy money made – SpotDJ

SpotDJ was something that appeared in my GMail account for the Unsigned Rock Podcast a good few weeks ago, and seemed like a good idea. When you have your music playing via iTunes, SpotDJ kicks in before each track and plays a radio DJ-like bumper about the track to introduce it, maybe a bit of trivia about the song, how it did in the charts, etc. It was still in testing, but was invited in, and offered $1 for every spot I recorded. Recorded 20 spots, then heard nothing more about it, so wasn’t all that bothered. Could have recorded up to 100, but wasn’t going to spend the time doing it without getting anything in return. To be honest, I felt the spots being played just didn’t work – the quality was sometimes poor, didn’t add much I didn’t already know about my music collection, and on some albums, simply didn’t sound right where the tracks fade in to each other.

But, am sure there’s plenty of folk that will like it, and a few days ago I got $20 zipped through via PayPal, so can’t grumble too much I suppose! Only took a few minutes to record them in the first place, so wish I’d done more now! Haven’t used SpotDJ since as it just wasn’t for me, but if you’re into a bit of commentary alongside your tracks, give SpotDJ a go and load up some Oasis, Radiohead or Stereophonics tracks (can’t remember which tracks I did!).


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