Back from London after medical exam

Well, just got back home from London half an hour ago and am pretty tired now. The train rides were okay – had a table seat both ways, and my Archos AV500 movie player held up to watch Lord of War and Lucky Number Slevin, then moved onto the iPod so had plenty to keep me entertained!

Medical went fine, just seemed such a waste going all that way for 20 minutes. Had a chest x-ray, immunisation record check, a tetanus shot (needed a booster) and MMR (which I didn’t get as a kid), then basic medical examine such as checking weight, eyes, mobility, blood pressure, etc. and that was it. Appointment was 2.30p.m and was signed off, paid and out the door down the street by 3p.m.

CabvisionBut, wandered along Oxford Street, onto Regent’s Street to Piccadilly Circus, down to Trafalgar Square and onto The Strand (taking in a Subways and then a Starbucks….) before grabbing a taxi back to Kings Cross station. The taxi was neat – had some Cabvision system (crappy camera photo from Flickr shown on the left) which let you control some in-taxi shows to watch! Was pretty cool – watched some Little Britain and The Office. Probably a ploy to charge you more by driving around whilst you’re not paying attention!

So, hopefully the doctors will sign me off as ‘fit as a 23 year old’ and now just wait 6 weeks for PC Plod to tell me I don’t have a criminal record before I can request the final interview from the US Embassy.


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