Plowing through further visa forms

Well, has taken about 2 hours but I’ve now filled in all the forms I received from the embassy this morning for the visa application, which gives them exactly the same information as they already have. Actually, there’s two supplementary forms to one section which in fact ask you to repeat the same information (again). I do find it wonderfully ironic at the bottom of each form there’s a ‘Paperwork Reduction Act Statement’…

Off to the police station on Monday to start another background check, send off all these forms, and book a medical examine. That’s fun in itself – 6 hour round-trip on the train to London and then pay £160 for the pleasure of having a chest x-ray and blood sample taken, then wait until the results are sent to the embassy and 6 weeks for the police to say I’ve got no criminal record before I get another 6 hour round-trip on the train to London for an interview at the embassy!

Fun, eh?


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