Nike+ iPod test run (gettit?)

With a break in the weather yesterday afternoon, I went for a wander to try out the Nike+ iPod Nano gear. I was taking the iPod anyways with going for a walk, and thought it would be cool to give the Nike+ kit a try too. Just set it up to go for 10 minutes (although I forgot to stop it and let it run a bit longer since I was enjoying the Danko Jones track!), then got home and plugged it into iTunes to see what happens. Zips you off to register at (though it is optional), then brings up a very flash website to display all the data:

Nike+ test run

Granted it was only 10 minutes on + off (I ain’t built for running’!) so covered about 1.37km, but for more serious runners this would be pretty serious piece of kit. Even just in terms of their website and how it handles the data was pretty impressive from a coding + design point of view (see, there’s the real me – none of this running malarkey!).

It maps out your pace, timings, distances travelled, etc. so you can clearly see in the screenshot where I was jogging for a minute, walking for a minute, jogging for a minute, walking for a minute, etc. Doesn’t seem to play nice with Firefox for setting up goals, but you’re meant to be able to define what you’d like to achieve, and it then compares your workouts against what you should be achieving at intervals to reach your goal which could be fun. It’s a neat piece of kit, and might encourage me to start jogging, but even just as a way to track my walks it’s cool, and sure Kat will find more of a use for it since she’s into her running (though maybe not in Alaska…).


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