Nike+ iPod Nano goodness

As I head out and do quite a lot walking and stuff, thought it would be cool to play around with the Nike+ gear for the iPod Nano. The idea is a little sensor sits in your shoe, effectively acting as a pedometer, which relays data back to your iPod to calculate distance travelled, average speed, total time, calories burned, etc. For runners, it seems very popular as it’s able to track up 1,000 workouts, with the ability to sync back to iTunes and also to so your times can be shared and let you compete against friends anywhere in the world. I ain’t quite daft enough for that kind of running though!

Nike+ iPod gear

Kat got me the cool armband for the iPod for my birthday rather than having it sitting my pocket and banging against keys + money when I’m out + about, or you can wrab the band back on itself and works like a soft case to fit in your pocket or whatever. The Nike+ sensor fits nicely into the Nike running wallet (with a bit of padding to stop it sliding around) which clips onto the shoelaces of your shoe, and doesn’t look as daft as it might appear!

Tempted to go out and try it this afternoon, but am knackered + feeling very lazy today! Think I’ll just leave it until tomorrow, do some studying for the OS X Server exam instead, and give it a whirl when the birthday cake + sweets have worn off 😉


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