Happy birthday to me!

Birthday HomerSince the joy (?!) of MySpace pops up birthday reminders, I got quite a few birthday greetings the last couple of days (admitedly mainly from bands just wanting to get their music played on the Unsigned Rock Podcast, but I appreciated the gesture!).

With the Sunderland football match on Saturday and the John Williams gig last night kinda being birthday celebrations with my dad since it was his 60th birthday on Sunday too, it’s all been pretty cool.

Of course, my mother decided I wasn’t going to get away with a simple birthday card and Jelly Babies (gerroff, all mine :D), so when I wandered into the house before lunch there was an awesome Homer Simpson birthday cake + ballon. Figured I should take a photo of the cake straight away since, uhm, it doesn’t quite look like that now. Hmmmm, cake…

Just a shame since I’m 23 years old now, I can’t go to Charlie Chalk’s Fun Factory for my birthday party 🙁 Stupid rules and ‘you must be below this height to enter’ signs!

Still, I had a Greggs pasty and some cake (very healthy, I know!) for lunch, so I don’t mind.


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