John Williams in concert

I saw guitarist John Williams in concert a couple of years back, almost 2 years to the day actually (blog post from the last gig). This time round, John Williams was just as impressive, leaving me watching him play stuff I knew my ears couldn’t be hearing! A stunning guitarist, and always in complete control – never out of time, rhythm or mis-placing fingers.

This time round, he was accompanied by John Etheridge, an accomplished guitarist in his own right, mainly leaning towards jazz from some of his style. At the start of the second half, Etheridge did two solo tracks, followed by Williams with 3 solos. Here, you could tell just how incredible the two were, as individuals. Unfortunately, put together, I felt it just didn’t work. Too often, Etheridge would wander off seemingly improvising, and regularly coming across as out of time and even in a completely different key. Felt like just noise at times with the two guitars clashing – Etheridge’s steel-strung cut-away dreadnought just didn’t have the right tone to accompany Williams on the classical acoustic.

But, overal a nice evening, with the Gala Durham proving a really nice venue for this kind of thing – been there a few times now, and it’s quite cosy + intimate arena works well. I wouldn’t rush out and buy tickets to see these guys on their current tour, but if you’re already booked up, sure you’ll enjoy it 🙂


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